Since 1977

Stadsherstel Den Haag aims to improve and maintain the historical character of The Hague. We purchase and renovate threatened monuments and iconic buildings for which we provide a new and suitable purpose as living- or working space. This is how we strife to maintain the typical character of The Hague since 1977.


Invest in your city

With the support of our certificate holders we are able to purchase monuments and iconic buildings, renovate these and provide a new and suitable use. Together with our certificate holders we ensure a future for century old buildings, streets, avenues and squares that are typical for The Hague. Not just for ourselves, but as well as for our children and grandchildren. Support Stadsherstel and be one of our certificate holders!

Why Stadsherstel certificates?

Live in a beautiful city

By supporting Stadsherstel through certificates, one enables an improvement in the city’s  living- and working space. Nevertheless, renovated buildings are much better isolated and less damaging to our environment than the building was before renovation.

Maintain the historical character of The Hague

The investment of our certificate holders enables Stadsherstel to recover monuments and iconic buildings and bring those back into their original state. In this way we keep the history and character of our beautiful city alive.

Annual return

Our certificate holders have the opportunity to receive annual return. Over the past few years Stadsherstel has paid the annual return on cash and stock. This investment in certificates will not just be an investment in the beauty of our city but is also financially profitable.